Musée Musical was established in 1842 by a man who loved music and lived his life tinkering with the ivories and making them, just sound right. He was a Portuguese piano tuner. Little did he know that the melody that he started would live on and fill many a lives with symphony.

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I first came here when I was ten or eleven, I used to come with my father. I wrote all my music exams here. It’s nice to have a place dedicated to music.

A R Rahman

I still remember coming here as a child to buy my first instruments. Back then, there was no place to buy quality instruments. The present generation is extremely lucky; youngsters can get any instrument easily


It’s a great pleasure to visit Musée Musical. Very Inspiring!

L. Subramanium

Musée Musical, with its rich history of over 170 years, is a natural habitat or rather a home for musicians. With most of the existing music spaces extremely restricted, it is refreshing that the management here allows musicians to come and play their music.

Anil Srinivasan

Musée Musical is an inspiring space for musicians. I loved to visit this place. The passion, the tradition and the love for music lead the road to a world of music

Dr.Karaikudi S Subramanian

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